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性別 : 男性
年齢 : 22
居住地 : 韓国
안녕하세요 会話の実力を伸ばすためにペンパルを始めましたアニメとバンド音楽が好きです バンドはBack numberが好きです もし一緒に勉強する方や趣向が似ている方がいたら楽にメッ...
性別 : 男性
年齢 : 24
居住地 : インドネシア
Hi my name is Yumin, im 24 years old ,i m From Indonesianice to meet you and thanks for visiting my profile please say hi ,and I will reply you to...
性別 : 男性
年齢 : 25
居住地 : フランス
Hi, i m looking to make friends and chat with people from all around the world and learn about new culture. I m open minded. I can help a little with French and English. Feel free to contact me. We ca...
性別 : 男性
年齢 : 28
居住地 : ドイツ
Hello everyoneI m Yves, I come from Germany and I m a huge fan of Asia. I have been to Japan, Korea and China. I like photography, travel, computing etc. Nice to meet you al...
性別 : 男性
年齢 : 26
居住地 : 韓国
안녕하세요일본어를 공부하고있습니다. 일본의 문화와 요리에 관심이 많습니다. 또한 일본친구를 가지고 싶습니다공부하시는 분들이나 친구가 되어주실분들 메일주세요こんにちは 日...
性別 : 男性
年齢 : 23
居住地 : 韓国
hello everyone I m 23 and koreanI m interested in other countries. I like singing, doing exercises, listening to songs, playing games, and playing guitar. also Traveling other countries tooand I want ...
性別 : 男性
年齢 : 27
居住地 : 韓国
안녕하세요. 외국인 친구를 만들고 싶어서 가입했어요 여행을 좋아해서 서로 정보 공유할수 있는 친구 찾고 있어요. 많이 친해지면 같이 놀기도 하구요!ㅎ 오래 알고 지낼분만 mail 보내주...
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