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性別 : 女性
年齢 : 18
居住地 : トルコ
Wow it s been quite a long time. HiImma muffin from Turkey, a bit melancholic girl. I m sure that i will be a really good friend. Also I m a good listener. We can talk about anything, life, problems, ...
性別 : 女性
年齢 : 19
居住地 : 米国
HelloI am Tej, 19 and I m from America. This looks really funUhhh, email me I guess xD I like to learn languages and I m currently learning Korean 나에게 친절하십시오 and Spanis...
性別 : 女性
年齢 : 17
居住地 : 日本
안녕하세요 02년생 스즈카라고 해요 음악, 패션, 요리 좋아해요 힙합 R&B 그리고 인디뮤직 빈첸 소수빈 10cm Zion. T pH 1 등등 좋아하고 옷은 스트릿 채션, 구제 관심 많아요Hipenpal에서 만난 친...
性別 : 女性
年齢 : 20
居住地 : フランス
HelloNice to meet youMy name is Estelle, I m 20 years old and I live in France. I am here because I d like to meet differents people all around the world. I m studying Korean at the university so if y...
性別 : 女性
年齢 : 18
居住地 : 英国
Hiii, My name is Dia and I am hoping to learn different cultures and languages here and to make new friends. I was born and raised in Germany and live in London. I like marvel movies, dancing, music a...
性別 : 女性
年齢 : 15
居住地 : 韓国
こんにちは私は中3女子中学生です2005 日本が大好きです それでよく旅行に行きます 言語交換もしたいし親しくなりたいです 私が気に入ったらメールをお願いします できれば同じ年を...
性別 : 女性
年齢 : 18
居住地 : フランス
Hey guys my name is Eme ,I m from France, I m a high school student. I can speak english, spanish and of course french. I d like to learn korean and japanese, I have a korean teacher .If you like I c...
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