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性別 : 男性
年齢 : 40
居住地 : カナダ
Hello, everybodyMy name is Alexander, I live in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Looking to chat with fun, friendly, and easy going peopleI love sailing, dogs, photography, cooking, gourmet food &...
性別 : 女性
年齢 : 20
居住地 : リベリア
my name is Winifred i am from Liberia i join interpal to make friends if you are here to make a long term friendship feel free to contact me but what i hate is people asking me for cam i won t show yo...
性別 : 男性
年齢 : 20
居住地 : 日本
Hi!My name is Rei Tsukakoshi. I am 20 years old. I m from Japan. I intend to study abroad in France for one year next month. I am studying French now. Please correct my French if I said something wron...
性別 : 女性
年齢 : 34
居住地 : トルコ
If you re happy welcomeI love myselfI respect myselfMy time is valuableHello and goodbye ; they are not difficult for meWho agrees with me Life is beautiful if we sha...
性別 : 女性
年齢 : 16
居住地 : トルコ
안녕하세요 Hello hi My name is zeynep .my korea name eun mi .I m from Turkey .I live in Istanbul. I m 17 years old .My hobbies listen to music ,kpop dance, reading books ,k drama watched and travel. I love...
性別 : 女性
年齢 : 21
居住地 : 米国
Because you need 3 photos of me lol Hi, my name is Priscilla, I live in the Bay Area, California. I would love to make new friends from other countries and here as well I prefer getting to know others...
性別 : 男性
年齢 : 20
居住地 : フランス
Hello My name is Manu I m 19. I love Writing stories and read manga. That s why my major is Art. Also, I love to talk about mangas, animes, soccer, music, youtube and gamesAnyway I love music. I ve be...
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