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性別 : 女性
年齢 : 16
居住地 : 米国
Hi, my name is jamilete I like to meet new people. I speak both English and Spanish. I’d like to meet people around my ag...
性別 : 男性
年齢 : 56
居住地 : 韓国
Hi. I like the words peace, happiness, gratitude, joy, enthusiasm, and value, and I am passionate about work but usually a soft person. I know I have to respect other people s thoughts. And. I am livi...
性別 : 女性
年齢 : 22
居住地 : 韓国
I like making friends and knowing new cultures and thoughtsFeel free to contact me 22 years old South Korea University stude...
性別 : 女性
年齢 : 23
居住地 : トルコ
Hi I m here to make new friends and learn languages. I love learning new cultures .I try to learn Korean by myself so we can say learning new things is my hobbyLet s get to know each oth...
性別 : 男性
年齢 : 24
居住地 : 韓国
Hi Im konu Lee from korea Im interested in culture and language, especially Food I like kpop, BTS, cooking especially pastas And i also like working out it changed my life better I hope to make friend...
性別 : 男性
年齢 : 27
居住地 : 韓国
こんにちわ 日本語や方言興味があり 少しずつ勉強しています 日本の方と友達になりたいです お互い勉強しながら色んな話ができるといいなと思っています 国籍問わないので日本の...
性別 : 男性
年齢 : 19
居住地 : 英国
Hoping to connect with people so that I can meet them on my gap year because I want to create my life some meaning and also just be more extraverted and be my self rather than stay at my hometow...
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